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Driver Education - Classroom

This class consists of 36 hours of classroom lessons to better get you ready for the road.  Enrollment for this class is ongoing.

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Behind the wheel classes

This class consists of 7 sessions, each of them has two different portions: 50 minutes driving and 50 minutes observing, the final test is included. In each session the student will have the opportunity to improve his/her driving skills.

Private Driving lessons - 1 on 1 lessons

This driving class is designed for people of all ages that need to learn how to drive no matter what level you’re driving skill is.  Our VA certified instructors will help develop the first steps to becoming a responsible driver.

Get help satisfying your eligibility requirements for Virginia's driving test and written exam from the professionals at Potomac Driving School.

Fun and educational driving instruction

  • Home schooled students

  • Students moving from another Country or another State

  • Students who have failed the knowledge test at the DMV 3 times

Upon successful completion of the course, Potomac Driving School will issue a temporary license valid for 6 months. This document along with the Learner’s Permit will be the license for the new driver. The student will be exempt from the road skills test at the DMV.  Within the next few months the Juvenile Court will send a letter with the date and time of the Licensing Ceremony. At the Ceremony the student will receive the hard copy of the license.

Driving lesson Driving class Driver education

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